Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wedding Rituals Tilak Ceremony Engagement Ceremony

Wedding Rituals Tilak Ceremony Engagement Ceremony

Tilak Ceremony

In India, the bridegroom and his family is placed in high regard. Therefore, after they get ready for the wedding the first ceremony which locks the seal is Tilak ceremony. It is usually attended by the male members of both the families. The father of the bride along with other associates visits the house of the groom. There he applies the auspicious tilak on the forehead of the groom to ensure that the he is finally ready for marriage and also that the bride's family has accepted him as their would-be son in law.

Engagement Ceremony               

It is one of the first ceremonies that takes place between the two families and the would-be bride and groom. The engagement ceremony is basically a brief ritual wherein the couple exchanges gold rings. This ensures both the parties that the girl and the boy are now hooked. This is why it is also called the ring ceremony. This is followed by exchange of gifts between the families like sweets, dry fruits etc. this is followed by either a lunch or dinner party.

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