Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wedding Night (Golden Night) Room Decoration Tips

Wedding room decoration tips and ideas are the most important part of golden night (Suhaagraat). In indian tradition the decoration of wedding room will be done by groom's sister in law (Jijaji) or close friends. Humerous games are played with couple by there friends and family members and they have to give amount of cash demanded by their friends and families after that they are allowed to enter their room this is also one of rituals followed in indian wedding. The golden night room generally should be decorated with the flowers and special gifts. You can get here the tips and ideas about the wedding room decoration.

Decorate Bed With Hanging Flowers, Silk Sheets and Cushions
Arrange candles and diyas (Oil Lamps) for room.
Arrange some warming lotions & massage oils
Arrange a CD player and CD of romantic tracks
Arrange Kama Sutra Kits
Arrange some effective room freshners rose petal bubble with candles
Provisions are made for sweets, fruits, drinks, incense and perfumes

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