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Honeymoon Money Saving Tips

You can save some money on your honeymoon by following a few tips that are simple to put in place. You don’t need to have an expensive vacation if you simply cannot afford it.
While there are a lot of ways that you can cut corners on your wedding, you may be in a position where you have to save money on your honeymoon as well. It is important to take a honeymoon as a celebration of your marriage, and it can be done very cost-effectively.

Money Saving Honeymoon Tips
It really doesn’t matter where you decide to go for your honeymoon, as long as you get away some place nice. It is important to establish a bond with your partner as soon as the wedding is over and this time together will establish that. Here are some money saving tips to help you afford the romantic vacation.

Travel on a Budget
It may take a bit of creativity to put together a honeymoon if you are on a very limited budget, but it can be done. Figure out how much money you have and then stick to that budget no matter what. You can make this work if you put a bit of time and effort into planning it like you did your wedding.

Honeymoon Registry
If you know ahead of time that you’re budget is limited then think about setting about a honeymoon registry. In lieu of purchasing a wedding gift people donate directly to your honeymoon fund. In many cases, the wedding gifts you get will not be exactly what you want anyway, and this will allow you to plan a bigger getaway.

Book your travel early
You have probably taken a long time to plan your wedding so make sure that enough care is taken to plan your honeymoon as well. Booking in advance will give you a better price on travel and will ease the stress of booking the holiday when the wedding approaches.

Stay close to home
You don’t have to go far to have a wonderful honeymoon. If you plan on driving somewhere, it will cost you a lot less than flying to a tropical destination. You can stay in town for the wedding night and then drive off to your romantic getaway the next day.

Look for deals

There are usually some kind of travel discounts available on different destinations during the year. Look for coupon codes and special travel vouchers that may be available online or through a travel agent. Finding a few of these money saving coupons can really add up and save you money very quickly.

Look for a secluded area
A secluded area can be a romantic experience for a honeymoon couple and sometimes these places offer great discounts when they are not fully booked. There may be some hidden gems when it comes to secluded romantic spots. You can ask your travel agent if he knows of any.
Use these saving money tips to help you with your honeymoon planning and get away for less. Never skip a honeymoon altogether, no matter how low your budget is, just work around it and make sure that you get the best value for the money.

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Educational Tours

Educational Tours,Educational Tours and Packages for Schools and Colleges We have been providing educational tours and packages for school and college students in India and abroad for a long time now, whether organised on a national or an international level. We always abide by the security norms and provide our packages and educational tours depending on the number of candidates and the purpose of their tour. Managing such tours and packages is quite challenging but through our persistent efforts, we have been able to dictate it in such a manner that the area of educational tours and packages in India and abroad has become one of our specialised services.

Our team enjoys the honour of organising plenty of educational tours for students of some of the best colleges and educational institutions in India such as Air Hostess Academy, Chandiwala Institute of Hotel Management, Fore School of Management and many other leading schools, colleges and other educational institutions in India and abroad. 

These educational tour packages focus on the local culture, historical background and geographical knowledge with an understanding of flora & fauna of that area in India or abroad.
Special emphasis is placed on security, food and accommodation with absolutely hygienic conditions maintained at various category hotels from One Star to Five Star Deluxe Hotels & Campsites, depending upon the budget and requirement of the group, whether traveling in India or abroad. 

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How to Choose a Good Travel Agent

The good news is that the travel agents we connect you with have already self-selected themselves as being better than average. Because they pay a referral fee to us, and because they know they're in a competitive situation with other travel agents, only those who are confident they can earn your business are likely to respond to your travel request.
The following is a list of key factors to consider in choosing a travel agent. You probably won't need to consider every factor for every trip. Obviously when you're simply seeking a two-night package vacation to Vegas, you need less input from a travel agent than when you're planning a two month tour of Africa.

Quality of the Travel Agency
Some of the factors to consider relate to the travel agency the agent works for. A good agent can be made better when they are working for a good agency. A good agency has probably been in business for at least a few years. This has given them time to build a 'track record' and to amass some negotiating clout with suppliers and has given them the corporate experience at dealing with issues and problems, so as to create their own internal systems and management procedures to help your booking go smoothly.

A good agency probably belongs to a travel agency association. The two main associations in the US are the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) and the Association of Retail Travel Agents (ARTA).

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Most good agencies also are accredited by the airlines to issue tickets. The two accrediting bodies are the Airlines Recording Corporation (ARC) for domestic airlines and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) for international airlines.

A good agency probably belongs to some sort of agency buying group or consortium or franchise. This gives it access to preferred rates at hotels, and gives it extra commission with other suppliers - extra commission which they might choose to share with you, or at least use to ensure you don't have to make any out-of-pocket payments to the agency as well.

Full-service or limited-service agency
Can the travel agency help you with all your travel plans or is it unable (or unwilling) to help with some parts of your vacation? Usually you'll prefer to make all your arrangements with a single travel agent/agency so as to minimize possible errors that can occur when booking different portions of your trip through multiple sources or methods.

Full-time or part-time female travel agent job opening for Travel Blog Promotions

Generally you want to deal with a travel agent who does this for a living, full-time. You usually don't want to have someone who works as a travel agent part-time only, because plainly they have less opportunity to get experience dealing with clients like you, and less personal commitment to succeed in the travel industry.

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