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Honeymoon Attractions in Darjeeling Senchal Lake

A famous picnic spot, the town of Senchal has the main reservoir of fresh water, in Senchal lake. A beautiful sight, it is a part of the Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary and therefore has a lot of tourist accommodations in its vicinity along with a popular golf course and a clubhouse. The new wed couples can enjoy a wildlife tour as well as a sport stint for a little fun.

Happy Valley Tea Estate

A splendid tea garden, this is not only considered as a source of India's highest tea-production, but is a famous tourist spot as well and thereby, a lot of people come here, to just stroll around the tea gardens, and sit there, leisurely, taking the serenity inside. A popular hit amongst the honeymoon couples.


A neighbouring hill station to Darjeeling, located along the Teesta river, is exquisite for its wide range of flora, especially Orchids, flower bulbs, tubers, rhizomes. The hill station also offers a view of the distant Himalayan peaks, all snow laden. All these together make a splendid sight, to enjoy with your partner.

Teesta River

The most brilliant view, of the river Teesta, forming a border between the states of Sikkim and West Bengal, and appearing as a slithering snake just before it joins Brahmaputra as a tributary, could be behold from Darjeeling hills. One can also go to see the Coronation Bridge over Teesta, and have an exciting river rafting. 


A small village, lying at an altitude of 6000 ft, in Darjeeling, Lolegaon or Loleygaon gives a panoramic view of the Kanchenjunga range, that spreads right in the front and also mesmerizing sunset views can be witnessed here, which completely adds to your romantic twilight.


A popular tourist spot in the hills of Darjeeling, and a complete treat to your eyes, Mirik is exquisite in its beauty and climate. The central attraction is the Sumendu lake, on one side of which lies an exotic garden and arrays of pine trees to the other, both of which are linked together by an arching foot over bridge called the Rainbow Bridge. A very dream like scene, this is a favourite with the honeymooners because of the quiet and peaceful atmosphere. You can also enjoy boating and horse-riding here, with your partner.

Ghoom monastery

There is a fun in exploring the beauty of an unacquainted land, together with your partner. This is the chance you have while exploring the Ghoom or Ghum Monastery, dedicated to the Tibetan Buddhist culture. A 15 feet high statue of Buddha lies in the vicinity along with the traditional sacred bells and various religious texts. Have a typical religious treat on your honeymoon in the monasteries of Darjeeling.

Rock Garden

This one is a man- made picnic site, constructed around a natural water fall, by designing beautiful terraced walls around it. Surrounding flower gardens and mowed lawns, along with the small shops providing knick knacks , collectively make it a picnic spot for young couples.

Tiger Hill

Providing a spectacular sunrise view over the Himalayas, Tiger Hill is the main summit of Ghoom. You can also visit the Senchal wildlife Sanctuary from here, providing good picnic spots.

Shopping in Darjeeling

Along with all these tourist attractions, the honeymoon couples can also shop for various traditional artifacts and souvenirs from here, to keep as a memorabilia of the best time of their wedding celebrations. This shopping includes:
Varieties of tea in the Chowrasta and the Mall
Various Tibetan artifacts, books, handicrafts and posters from the local market
Local craft work in shawls, sweaters, rugs and carpets, can be bought from Hayden Hall
Wood carvings and baskets, Nepali khukris and masks, and paintings can be bought from the Mall.

A delightful shopping, site seeing, romantic landscapes and climate, and above all the company of your partner, Darjeeling most definitely offers, a memorable honeymoon for all the newly wed couples, so look for the best packages available and take off for the splendid hills of Darjeeling.

Things to do in Darjeeling

In addition to being a vibrant tourist destination Darjeeling also offers various options to indulge in adventure activities like trekking. The city is located in the vicinity of the Indo-Nepalese border, which contains many trekking routes with Singhalia Ridge Trail being the most preferred one.

Apart from trekking couples can also visit the Shruberry Health Club for a spot of jogging along with some exquisite views of Kanchenjunga. There are other attractions such as Darjeeling Himalayan Railway and Singalila National Park. Couples looking to add some excitement to their experience can go for mountain biking.

Darjeeling Restaurants and Coffee Shops

Darjeeling offers something for every palate with North Indian, Tibetan, Nepali and continental food. Momos are the most iconic food of this hilly city. Following are the major eateries in the city:

Glenary’s Bakery and Café
Hotel Lunar
Golden Tips Tea Cosy
Hotel Chanakya
Nathmull’s Tea Cosy
Boney’s Snack Bar
The Park

In addition to these outlets couples can also try out Hot Stimulating Café, Kho Cha and Joey’s Pub for a drink or two.

Hotels in Darjeeling

Darjeeling offers a wide range of hotels and accommodation facilities that are well equipped to take care of their guests’ needs. Following are some of the leading hotels in the West Bengal city:
Hotel Sinclairs
Windamere Hotel
Mayfair Darjeeling

Along with the above mentioned names young couples can try out:

Bellevue Hotel
Darjeeling Tourist Lodge
Gymkhana Resort
Hotel Aliment
Hotel Dekeling
Hotel New Samrat
Hotel Fairmont
Hotel Pineridge
Hotel Seven Seventeen
Hotel Anjali
Zakir Hussain Rd Lodging
Birds Eye View

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